Here I will describe the idea behind each section or categories I have selected to put on my blog. It should be seen as my view of why I have selected to have this information included. Some of the categories that can be added could be seen as very off topic.

Rolex Info

Well my own interest in watches started many years ago after seeing a Rolex advert in the National Geographic Magazine and from that day I was hooked on Rolex. My first "real" watch was also a Rolex explorer II. The information in this categories will be both related to new and more vintage watches from Rolex.

Panerai Info

I was less that two years ago I stared down the Panerai road. And what can I say. Panerai is more about community than the watch. The more I dive into the Panerai world the more I'm intrigued by the community. Where else would a person around the globe send you a new strap for your watch the day you put up first time on a Panerai forum. Where else is the get to together (GTG) so strong as in the Panerai forum. And a the same time not one paneristi will look bad a any other watch.

My Next Watch

Well as a WIS I'm always on the lookout for a "new" watch - but "time" read finance does set its limits. So One new watch pr. 2 years is my goal. But I use this categories to highlight the focus I have on watches and what is on my shortlist.

Buying a Watch

This categories have been added as a result of the very strange world of fine watches. When your a new guy (or a girl) on the lookout of a fine watch (new or vintage). And you don't have the knowledge of a real WIS close by. It would be nice to have some good information close by. This was some of the information I was looking for when I was starting my way up the watch spiral. You start with one watch and soon your have one more and again your already on the lookout for the next watch.