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Rolex day date

List of watches I like and would love to have if money was no option

I would like to get back to my list of watches that I made at the end of 2014. And see what the status is.
Below you can see my old list of watches I would like if money was no option, and I will try to explain why this is still a good list to have so I can say to myself, when I get a new watch, that it was on my list.....
The Old List
Here are some other candidates for watches I would like - but probably not a real option when looking at the total cost. the watches are not in any special order.
  • Rolex day date White gold
  • Panerai 372
  • Patek P. Nautilus
  • AP ROO - old model.
  • IWC - big pilot
  • Omega Seamaster 300 - vintage
  • Tudor snowflake
  • Omega Speedmaster - from 1965 or 1969 - vintage
  • Rolex red Sub/Dweller
  • Linde Werdelin Oktopus/Hard Black
  • Rolex Explorer II - new
  • Rolex Sub gold 1680/8 or newer
  • Rolex steel/gold black dial GMT/Sub
  • Panerai 005
  • and many others ...

Back on the WEB again ;-)

So funny how the new social medias have taking over with the use of smartphones. Before I used my mobilephone to make calls, send sms/mms, and thats about it.
Then when I came home I used my "Computer" for webbrowsing and searching for watch related information.

Then came iPhone (that is now 10 years ago) and started the smartphone revolution. Killed the Nokias and other mobilephone producers, and gave uprise to new players on the marked.

What do I want to say with that?

Don't know. I user the social media like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest for watch related information and upload of photos. But I miss the more fixed information that is avaliable on the old netforums.
So I will continue to update this site with my writings on watches, and my throughts.
It gives me some more space and a more "old fashion" way of sharing information.
I will continue to use my instagram, pinterest and tumblr account with pictures. And then use this website for more textual information in relation to watches.

I'm still active on TUMBLR, INSTAGRAM and TWITTER much more than the old fashion web. I hope that you can access these new formats before I remove this old fashion way of communication with the world.

My tumblr profile is Whichwatch - again only my own photos.

My Instagram profile is watchblogdk again only with my own watches but will comment on other photos

2014 is NOW in Archive - Please check them out

Remember to check out the archives - There might be some funny info for you in the many archive pages.;-)